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The goal of the HDSA Berman-Topper Family HD Career Development Fellowship program is to develop the next generation of passionate and innovative HD scientists. This project is a three-year grant mechanism to provide support for young scientists to work collaboratively with their mentors and other committed HD health professionals to develop the fellow into an independent HD leader.

  • The award provides up to $80,000/year ($75,000 salary and research support, plus $5,000 travel/education budget)
  • Applications are welcome from young scientists/clinicians who are interested in a career in Huntington’s disease research or care.
  • Applicants should be no more than 5 years removed from obtaining their PhD or completing their residency/fellowship.
  • Applicants cannot have their own laboratory and must identify an individual who will serve as his or her mentor and supervisor.
  • Open to researchers from around the world.

Important Dates and Deadlines 

  • Request for proposals published: December 6, 2022
  • Complete applications due: March 17, 2023
  • Scientific Advisory Board review: Early May 2023 
  • Notification of award: Late May 2023 
  • Fellowship start date: no later than August 1, 2023

Application Information

The application has four main parts: Administrative Information, Budget and Other Support, Research and Training Plan, and Reference Letters/Institutional Approvals.

You may download the full 2023 Berman-Topper Fellowship RFP for more details on the program, eligibility, and terms of the award.

Questions about the Berman-Topper Fellowship may be directed to Dr. Leora Fox, Assistant Director, Research & Patient Engagement LFox@hdsa.org

Questions about filling out the online application may be directed to Kelly Andrew, Coordinator, Mission & Research Programs, KAndrew@hdsa.org.

Click here to begin or resume your application.